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Car Door Lights-For All Car Model

Car Brand Logo Light

NBA Basketball Logo Light

Football Logo Light

NFL Logo Light

Universe Logo Light

Daniel de Sharpshooter


(1 customer review)


These lights are awesome.
My truck didn’t come with this neat looking feature from the factory. Some of my friends who own mustang or some other luxury brands always show off this to me. Now I get my revenge.
Brightness is very good. Unlike the similar lights that I purchased for my smaller car, these are brighter and easier to install. The use of that reflective sticker instead of a magnet made it way easier to align and to install. Even better these have a light sensor so it won’t waste battery when its bright out there. I hope you can make one for Hyundai so I can replace the one in my other car.

Jade Snow


(1 customer review)

Works for 2013 Volvo S60!

These are so fun and they look great! Very easy installation. Definitely works for the 2013 Volvo S60 and can be installed with no problem. I opted to attach the units to the metal frame of the door as it is more easily hidden with the door closed and, honestly, this is the best spot for it to be able to reach the magnet so it will turn off when you shut the door. (I circled where the items are attached in the photos/see photos) To make installation easier, get some scotch/masking tape and tape the unit in the spot that you want it. Put the magnet in place but don’t attach it yet. Close the door slowly to make sure the unit will hover over the magnet and is close enough to it that it will shut off. Adjust the items if needed. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. I did not get lights for the back doors, but if you do just keep in mind that the back doors are slightly different than the front doors and there is not as much space to work with. To me, it didn’t look like these units would work for the back doors of the 2013 Volvo S60. Overall, I am very happy with these lights and I definitely would recommend them. 👍👍👍 PS; Does not come with batteries. Requires 3 AAA batteries.



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Decepticon Approved

Great way to show your allegiance to our fearless leader. All hail Megatron!

It may take a little bit to find the right height and position for proximity to the magnet, but I think I nailed it. The symbol looks incredible at night, and is a perfect size. My only issue is that the picture shows a red symbol, but the one I got is a light purple. A little “deceptive” if you will. Not really an issue, since the Decepticon theme color is purple, so if anything it is more authentic. Looks amazing on my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Nicholas Matt


(1 customer review)

Height for the sensor..

Works great for what it is. Sensor has to be soooo close to the light to shut off. Needed a spacer in between to get it to work properly. Not a big deal. Bright at night. Not visible during the day at all. Great at night though. And its so damn cheap. Try it.