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51pzTmhXL. SL1000

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LED Custom Puddle Lights

Custom puddle lights also called (custom door projector lights) are exactly what the name suggests. They are attached into your car door paneling to light up the ground beside your vehicle. With these lights, you’ll never have to worry about muddy puddles or worse because the ground will be lit up in style.

Car LED Logo can take care of all your vehicle upgrading needs. We have a wide selection of puddle lights featuring over 200 different designs. Whether it’s guiding you through the installation of your custom puddle lights or checking out our wide selection of lights to upgrade your ride. Contact us today to find out how we can help you customize your ride.

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Kaitlyn Salanga


(1 customer review)

Must Have

Fun lights, easy to attach and very bright lights.  The sensor works perfectly. It would be great to be able to buy just the logos to interchange them. I will have to be careful when going to the car wash so they don’t brake it 🙂 

I would definitely recommended it!!!!!

Brian P.


(1 customer review)

Fun lights! Love them!!!!!

Really pretty, adds a fun light every time the door opens (obviously) but overall it’s really fast to install ! I’d recommend putting the magnet down first and then placing the light to make them match up. The sensor however doesn’t have much range, as it only works at least a few cm up. Overall though a really good product !

Stephen L. Reszler


(1 customer review)

I'm on fire.

Very nice. You need 3 triple A batteries. Installs in less than 5 minutes. Be sure to use the small magnets that you get. They are actually the sensor that turns the device off when the door shuts; but it also has an automatic cut-off.

Nicholas Matt


(1 customer review)

Height for the sensor..

Works great for what it is. Sensor has to be soooo close to the light to shut off. Needed a spacer in between to get it to work properly. Not a big deal. Bright at night. Not visible during the day at all. Great at night though. And its so damn cheap. Try it.